Virtual field trip: the Green Infrastructure of Trento, Italy

Join Olga Paris and Gala Carannante ( Municipality of Trento) on a field trip and learn about the role of non-native trees as an opportunity for urban recreation, connectivity of urban green infrastructure, and the monitoring of invasive NNT.

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Comune di Trento
The city of Trento with more than 117,000 inhabitants and 157.28 km2 is updating its Urban Plan and drawing up a landscape plan emphasizing urban and suburban public green and agricultural areas as Green Infrastructures with a climate change approach. Green areas reconnect the city with the river Adige since the valley floor suffers from urban sprawl and infrastructures of the Brenner axis. Trento is applying a new cooperative approach and a regulation for the treatment and regeneration of common goods that will contribute to a pleasant city lifestyle and well-functioning community. Meanwhile, the IEEE Smart City Initiative and Smart City Strategic Plan provide access to advanced technological innovations. The Department for Parks and Gardens is responsible for developing, managing, and valorizing public green spaces. More information is available at: