Lecture 6.3.3 Citizen science – How to participate?

In part three Dmitry Schepaschenko (IIASA) shares tips on how to participate in a Citizen Science project, or even start your own?

Part 3/3

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PODCAST:– Citizen Science – Involving the public’s eyes in generating Data
How many non-native tree species can be found in the Alpine region – Is the number increasing? And who observes and counts the samples of one tree species? Who counts sightings of pest insects and signs of diseases in forests that can threaten tree populations and local biodiversity? Only foresters, scientists, and experts? To project the future of plants and animal wildlife is one of the subjects of natural sciences. To gather this kind of data via observing, counting, collecting, comparing and interpreting can also be part of every non scientist’s life. Citizens are invited to take part in observing and collecting data in various Apps like for example the iNaturalist App. Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnk1h-dxQ-0

Recording of the ALPTREES Train the Trainers Webinar April, 22nd 2021
We invited the public to our ALPTREES iNaturalist Train the Trainer Webinar, organized by the ALPTREES team. The public was invited to learn about the App iNaturalist, which is a citizen science mobile application and also available as a platform for web, to explore nature around you and contribute to ecological challenges. How to engage people of different ages to participate in activity, which is educational, scientific, practical, and outdoor? Biology teachers could find this handy tool useful to transfer knowledge in gaming and social networking way. Teachers of informatics could take over and further teach how to do spatial analysis of collected data.The particular focus of ALPTREES project is to improve knowledge-based decision-making on the responsible use and management of non-native tree species in the Alpine Space. We use iNaturalist to collect information on spatial distribution of non native trees in cities, parks and forests. Available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7NlwShnKc8